All The Ways To Earn Swagbucks

So you’ve signed up for Swagbucks.

Now you’re sitting there wondering: how do I earn Swagbucks?

This blog outlines all the different ways you can earn Swagbucks.

Time To Teach You How To Earn Swagbucks:

Swagbucks has so many different ways you can earn. It can sometimes be overwhelming…

Or the reason you waste an entire Tuesday afternoon.

Whatever. No judgement.

Anyway, we’ll start off with some easy ones.

1. Daily Poll

This one is really easy. Like, the only effort it requires is opening the Swagbucks app and picking an option.

Earn Money on Swagbucks

The Daily Poll is usually a fun, random question that you can answer for a whopping 1SB.

It’s not much, but like most things on Swagbucks, it adds up.

Plus, it’s literally free money. There is no barrier of entry, so why not?

2. Gold Surveys

This is another easy one… Kinda.

There are tons of different survey options, but you’ll quickly find out that you’re not always a match for all of them.

And when you’re not a match, you’re only getting about 1-2SB depending on how far along you get in the survey without getting disqualified.

For example, I just attempted a survey and didn’t even get past the “qualifying questions–“

Stuff like what’s your gender, area code, race, etc.

You win some you lose some.

Right before that one, I got all the way through a 10 minute survey and got 50SB.


So some people don’t like this strategy, but it works for me. Anyway, I always focus on the shortest quizzes but with the highest Swagbucks available. That’s because it shortens the chances of me being disqualified and missing out on Swagbucks and I’m doing half the work for the same payout for quizzes that are twice as long.

For example, I’ve noticed that I’ll sometimes get over half of the way through a 20 minute survey (worth 50SB) only to get disqualified. And at that point I’ll probably only receive about 5-10SB for that. So I just spent 17 minutes for 5SB.

If that same thing happened with a 5 minute survey (worth 40SB), I’m only wasting like 2-3 minutes. Albeit, I’m only getting 1SB for being disqualified. BUT, I have more time to hit up another short survey and actually get the 40, 50, or even 100SB.

Also keep in mind that if I didn’t get disqualified from either of these, it took me 20 minutes to make 50SB rather than 5 minutes to make 40SB.

3. Watch Videos

You’ll want to pair this with a set-and-forget tactic.

As I write this blog, I have Swagbucks open in a different window just running videos on loop.

On the computer, it takes about 1 hour per 1SB. But you’re able to get a much faster return if you watch on your phone.

Sometimes it’s more like 30 minutes per 1SB.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that I have to keep a closer eye on my phone, so the set-and-forget tactic isn’t as foolproof.

I have to tap the screen every so often to make sure it doesn’t time out/go black. That can be annoying, but it’s not impossible or even difficult by any means.

And if you download the enCrave app for Swagbucks, you’re sometimes able to earn double the Swagbucks. I’ve gotten as much as 4SB for only 30 minutes of videos. So, not that bad for just having my phone running beside me while I study for finals.

4. Swagbucks Code

So, there’s this thing called a Swagbucks Code that will just randomly pop up around the interwebs.

One way you can find it, and apply it, is by opening your Chrome extension for Swagbucks.

There, you’ll see where it says “Swag Code” at the top navigation bar.

From there, you’ll click the button that says “Check Now”

It’ll usually pull up Swagbucks in a new tab on your computer, like so, where it’ll give you some phrase. That’s the code.

Once you get the code, enter it into your Chrome extension where it says “Enter Swag Code Here,” like so:

If you have the Swagbucks app, you’ll probably get notifications for these codes whenever they appear on Facebook, their blog, or other social media. That’s usually how I snag them.

Just be mindful that once you see the notification, it’s best to just go enter it right then and there. There are time limits on these things.

Ok, now we’re moving into the more difficult ways to earn Swagbucks. And by “difficult” I mean they require a little more effort than the ones above.

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5. Swagbucks Games

There are 3 games that let you earn up to 10SB (each) per day.

They aren’t hard but they aren’t all that fun, either.

If you go to the “Play” section of Swagbucks, you’ll find them all the way at the bottom.

Then there are things like Swago Board

(which is basically Swagbucks’ version of Bingo.)

There’s a huge board with boxes, each box has a different task you can “check off.”

Then, on the side there are patterns you can try and achieve. The more intricate the pattern, the more Swagbucks you’re able to get.

But be mindful that you can only submit your Swago Board once.

So it’s in your best interest to try and complete the whole board because, y’know, more Swagbucks.

And we can’t forget about Swagbucks Live

Think of it as trivia night from your couch.

With Swagbucks Live, you’ll have a live announcer and 10 questions to answer.

You’re competing for (I think) 1,000SB.

There are usually multiple winners, so by the end of it you’re only getting about 30-60SB. I don’t often see people get more than that, but it is possible… Especially if the questions that night are more difficult than normal.

But I don’t usually have the best luck in trivia-like games, so I’m basically always disqualified within the first 3 questions.

*This is Shawn waiting for me to pull my weight at any trivia night:

You can pay 17SB to get back in the game, but if the next question disqualifies you again… You’re back where you started less 17 Swagbucks.

However, you can keep playing, you’re just no longer in the running for that grand prize. From that point forward, you’ll only get 1SB per question you get correctly.

What’s the most I’ve ever gotten from Swagbucks Live, you may ask.

It’s 3 Swagbucks.

Like I said, I’m terrible at trivia.

6. Daily To-Do List

That’s right, Swagbucks comes with chores.

Every day, there’s a Daily To-Do List; it pretty much has the exact same things on it each day.

But if you complete every day, you’ll get a few bonus Swagbucks.

And if you keep it up and get a streak going, you’ll get even more bonus Swagbucks.

Today, I got a “1 step from complete” bonus of 3SB.

Then when I did actually complete it, I for another 7SB.

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7. Discover Offers

So, this whole section can be very frustrating.

When you go to the Discover offers section, you’ll be greeted with a bunch of little cards that show you much each offer with worth in Swagbucks.

It’s really easy to get excited when you see 4200SB or 800SB.

However, it’ll always benefit you to read the fine print.

Most of these big ticket offers are for you to sign up for some kind of subscription-based platform. And in order to get those Swagbucks payouts, you have to actually get charged for said subscription.

So Swagbucks usually requires you to keep the account for at least 15 days if there is a 2 week free trial. Or 32 days if there is a month-long trial.

You get the point.

There is a “Free Offer” section; and sometimes they actually are free!

But a lot of the time, it’ll ask you to download an app, make an account, and purchase something.

Or it’ll direct you to a super spammy website and you’ll be required to get through 1 million ads to complete a survey.

I’m not bitter at all.

8. Shop

In-store or online.

Just shop.

This is one of the easiest ways to get Swagbucks but only if you’re only using it for what you’re already buying.

I wrote a blog how to stack gift cards in order to get the most savings. In that, I talk about all the Swagbucks cash back I got based off those purchases.

Here’s a snippet of the cash back I got from a purchase I made from Aerie.

I got 84SB for a $27 purchase. It’s not much, but hey… It’s something!

As of right now, I have about 600SB pending from cash back offers. It’s pretty neat to see that and know that I’ve saved $6 from just buying things I was going to get anyway.

Some people don’t like this option of getting Swagbucks because there are other sites like Top Cash Back, MrRebates, or Ibotta.

And sometimes they offer a better cash back incentive than Swagbucks, but it’s not always.

And sometimes, I can get a little overwhelmed by trying to stack too much on a purchase. So just using Swagbucks for my online shopping cash back benefits makes my life easier.

Not necessarily more profitable, I’m sure I’m leaving money on the table on some transactions.

Also, certain items themselves are worth loads of Swagbucks.

You’ll go over to “In-Store Deals” under the Shop section. It’ll look like this:

Then you just add whatever products you need to your “Shopping List.”

Once you buy them at your local WalMart, Publix, Costco, whatever, you upload your receipt.

I think this has to be done through the app, I’m not sure if the desktop version allows for this yet.

But once you do that, you’ll get 2SB from just uploading a receipt in general and then however many Swagbucks that item was worth.

Easy peasy.

9. Search Online

This one is the least reliable, unfortunately.

There is no rhyme or reason why certain searches yield Swagbucks.

And there’s even less reason behind why some searches give you 10SB and others give out 200SB.

It’s all about the luck of the draw, I suppose.

But one way to at least make your chances better at getting those precious Swagbucks is by simply making it your default search engine.

Now, I haven’t personally done this.

I just do my best to use the Chrome extension when I need to search something.

Obviously I don’t do it every time, but I probably get at least two “winning” searches a day.

So that’s not nothing.

And there are some Reddit forums where people keep a log of all their winning searches.

But using those hardly ever works for me.

I feel like Swagbucks is smart enough to stop people from gaming the system. And if they haven’t already figured out a way to stop some kind of “cheat code,” they’re probably well on their way.

But that’s not to say I don’t try those searches every now and again.

(the only one to work for me was a search about pie, and I got 3SB.)

There Are A Lot of Ways to Earn Swagbucks

I tried to offer as many hacks so you’re not wasting your time on some of these.

Learn from my own mistakes!

With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to earning Swagbucks and cashing out with some nice git cards.

And with that, remember to check out how to stack gift cards for more savings. (I bought $261 worth of shoes for way less than that.)

Let us know if you found more ways to earn Swagbucks (because I’m sure I missed a few).

Or let me know what has been the most profitable for you? Give us all your #doughhacks